NEM Wallet Pro

A next generation wallet built on top of NEM blockchain. Use our crossplatform multi-mosaic wallet if you want to easily receive, store, send and exchange your coins. It was first released May of 2018 and has retained 5 stars with really awesome User Reviews!

Ultimate Features

Core of the Wallet

Basic Authentication

Secure your wallets with your account and pin.

Multiple mosaics

Send or receive multiple mosaics such as XEM, XPX, LYL, etc.

Multisig Account

Create or transfer mosaics using multisig account.

Changelly integration

Instant cryptocurrency exchange with the best market rates, powered by Changelly.

About the wallet

Simple Overview

What sets NEM Wallet Pro apart?

The NEM Wallet Pro enables you to manage multiple NEM wallets on your phone and send/receive mosaics using QR codes. It’s now live in Play Store.

More features

Why choose this?

Clean UI and Awesome UX

Simple interface, user-friendly and easy to navigate, provides an amazing over-all experience.

Delegated Harvesting

Allows "mining" even while your account is closed.

Namespace and Mosaic Creation

You can create your own unique namespace as the wallet authenticates assets issued on domains/subdomains. To create a mosaic, an account must rent at least one root namespace.

Market Price

Shows basic chart of market price and details of XEM, LYL and XPX..


Awesome interface

Download Now

It is now live on Play Store and will soon be up in Apple Store too.


General questions

Why did you develop the wallet?

We understand the struggle of having to use multiple apps for sending/receiving mosaics, tracking market price, crypto to crypto exchange etc. So we decided to compress and integrate these and more features on NEM Wallet Pro but still have super fast performance with amazing UI and UX.

When did you release this wallet?

We released it May of 2018 and we’ve been hard at working with cool updates everyday.

Why is it paid on Play Store?

Because it is independently developed and the funds are used for maintaining the development.

Will you release the wallet for free?

This is actually the great news, NEM Wallet Pro will soon be released 100% FREE. Stay tuned for the launching of the latest version!

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